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Shell scheme

Our company owns an extensive assortment of aluminium profiles and stand components for individual stands, or to supplement subcontractor services for up to an entire exhibition. We use various industry standard certified systems, including Octanorm, Octanorm Maxima, Octamax 350, Octagon, Trio Milos, Skywall and Fitframe.

Custom stands

Our main focus is the design and construction of custom-made stands, including multiple storey and outdoor stands. The originality of our stands and exhibits are well-known due to our insistence on always using custom finishes, modern lighting and personalised fabrication that are unique to each client. Our team are professionals in their fields.  Thanks to our in-house graphic designers, carpenters, metal workers, painters and electricians we always hand over high-quality and fully functional stands to our clients that express an attention to detail.

Multi-purpose stagebuilding

Presentation stands

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